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You got some negative feedback. This may lead to one of thoughts: the job is not right for you or your boss is wrong about your talent.

In order to make it more digestible, managers tend to shape it as a growth opportunity… which is… nice… however we are all humans so any type of criticism can become emotional.


Here are a few things you can do:

1.) Take a day off with a long weekend to digest:

Take a sick day or even consider taking an unpaid PTO. It is important to let the conversation…

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We’ve all been there or about to be. The feeling of dread. The loud heartbeat in your chest. The headache that doesn’t go away. Absolutely drained.

Burn out at work is unfortunately more common than folks think. If you are no longer interested in your job, feel less capable of doing your job and just absolutely exhausted, you are burnt out.

See if some of the tips below help you.

Consider taking a day off.

If you are at a point that you can’t function as you used to, then take a day off. PTO or sick or even unpaid…


Emotions can run high at the workplace and effect your productivity overall. Cheech is here to provide topics on how to handle some of these situations.

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